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Mostrando las entradas de diciembre, 2005

I hope...

yo mismo lo he escrito, traducido al ingles con la ayuda de Globalink PowerTraslator; considero que es lo mas parecido a lo que quise escribir en español.
respecto de anteriores post, el distinatario cambio (notese que puse "el" y no "la")

Be able to forget…, but to make it
I should make an effort
but I feel down
that I am very tired.

The whole time the same thing
it is not worthwhile
not you as much as time but,
as much as but I can tolerate.

I cannot feel bad
every time that I see you,
every time that I listen to you
and you always wonder because...

Dear former companion
one day of these I tell you good-bye,
these days of silence...
they are alone to prepare the road.

Your advice were not such,
you made fun most of the times
I didn't want to be what I was,
hide it quite well.

It was always a mask
what your front was,
it seems that you will never realize,
always in your world.

Falsely happy,
that it lasts you what can,
that it doesn't finish bad...
hopefully you are never finished.